Upcoming Meetings

Maui Lea at Maui Hill

Upcoming Meetings

Maui Lea and Maui Hill upcoming board meetings and event information:

Board/Annual Meetings
Monday, 09/17/18 - Joint Executive Session - Maui 4:00 p.m.
Tuesday, 09/18/18 Annual/Board - Maui - 9:30 a.m. (registration 9:00 a.m.) Board Meeting to follow
Monday, 01/28/19 - Board - Maui - (Tentative)
Thursday, 04/25/19 - Board - Las Vegas - 9:00 a.m. (Concurrent Executive Session - 04/24/19 8:30 a.m.)

Past Meetings

Maui Hill


MHL m2018-04-25 Unapproved (pdf)
MHL m2018-01-17 Unapproved (pdf)


MHL 2017 Annual Approved (pdf)
MHL m2017-09-26 Approved (pdf)
MHL m2017-12-11 Approved (pdf)
MHL o2017-09-28 Approved (pdf)
MHL m2017-04-19 Approved (pdf)
MHL m2017 01-19 Approved (pdf)


MHL m2016-11-18 Approved (pdf)
MHL m2016-09-15 Approved (pdf)
MHL o2016-09-15 Approved (pdf)
MHL Annual 2016 Approved (pdf)
MHL m2016-04-25 Approved (pdf)
MHL m2016-01-22 Approved (pdf)


MHL Annual2015 Approved (pdf)
MHL m2015-11-18 Approved (pdf)
MHL m2015-09-22 Approved (pdf)
MHL o2015-09-22 Approved (pdf)
MHL m2015-04-27 Approved (pdf)
MHL m2015-01-29 Approved (pdf)

Maui Lea


MLE 2018 Annual Meeting (pdf)
MLE m2018-01-17 Approved (pdf)
MLE 2017 Annual Approved (pdf)
MLE o2017-09-27 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2017-09-26 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2017-12-06 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2017-04-19 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2017-01-19 Approved (pdf)


MLE Annual2016 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2016-11-18 Approved (pdf)
MLE o2016-09-14 Approved (pdf)
MLEm2016-11-22 Approved (pdf)
MLE o2016-09-14 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2016-09-14 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2016-04-25 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2016-01-22 Approved (pdf)


MLE Annual2015 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2015-11-13 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2015-09-21 Approved (pdf)
MLE o2015-09-21 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2015-04-28 Approved (pdf)
MLE m2015-01-29 Approved (pdf)

(M) - Regular Meeting, (O) - Organizational Meeting, (S) - Special Conference Call, (A) - Annual Meeting

Board Information

MLE - BOD Minutes 04.25.16.pdf

Board of Directors

● Robert Jacalone, President
● CJ Law, Vice President
● Bill Petro, Treasurer
● Richard Endean, Secretary
● Loren Knott, Asst. Secretary
● Paul DiMarchi, Director
● Timothy Ohm, Director